Xiaomi Mega Light sensor

Xiaomi Mega Light sensor

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Product Description

The Xiaomi Mega Light is a light, stylish and light design and intelligent control to automatically identify the human body with the home sensor feature

:Unusual sensor function property

The lamp has 120 degree sensor angle and sensor distance up to 5 to 7 meters. Uses advanced sensor sensor and human infrared sensor technology with anti-infrared interference function, light can be turned on automatically in dark environment and light for 15 seconds

:Extremely low power consumption

The lamp comes with three AA batteries and is powered by batteries, freeing you from the socket. Selecting the extremely low power consumption of the sensor software ensures that the power consumption is only 0.25 MW when in standby mode. There are two brightness adjustments. When in 0.7Lm mode, the battery can be used for about 12 months; when in 3.8Lm mode, it can be used for about 6 months

:Wonderful life coating technology

The lamp contains an ultra-thin Fresnel lens to enhance sensor performance. The overall reflection structure reflects the same fish-shell technology in the process of reflecting light that spreads light evenly to provide a better visual experience

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