Chest tightening and enlargement device. Breast augmentation and stretching, with purple shaking, massage and breast massage

Chest tightening and enlargement device. Breast augmentation and stretching, with purple shaking, massage and breast massage

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The purple breast enlargement device works to stimulate the blood circulation and improve the female hormone in women through massage and chest massage

It is considered the latest breast enlargement device, tugging flabby with vibrations and massages without effort in a short time. Easy to use under the clothes effortlessly and works with charging. It has wonderful benefits and is unprecedented in any other device as it stimulates blood circulation and regenerates cells and stimulates the secretion of female hormones as a result of massage so the breast appears after the first month is larger and tighter up, round and flabby. It prevents many breast diseases, even cancer. It reduces the risk of disease and the breast remains a lot of problems. The device helps to harmonize the shape of the breasts so that they become in one size consistent due to the movement of fat and its distribution through exercises performed by the device for the breast. First you lift the sag, then the second stage is breast augmentation. If you do not want to enlarge, you can stop using it

Magic chest device is the high-tech product for strengthening the breasts in the world. Adopting the principle of vibration, the bras can lift the breasts to grow scientifically, safely and effectively, which allow you to have great health and breasts. What's more, it can prevent breast cancer, and effectively regulate gynecological endocrine. It has dual function of breast enhancement and health care.

Beauty Enhancer Grow and Grow Magic Vibrating Massage Bra and Breast Massager


First: To lift the breasts and prevent the breasts drooping and lift the chest effectively at the same time make your breast fullness and elastic.

Second: Providing adequate nourishment to the breast and blood that contains enough oxygen, which will improve connective tissue, shoveling and blood vessels, removing stasis, effectively removing mammary gland diseases, preventing breast prolapse, relaxation, and deformation.

Three: microcomputer massage vibration control, promote blood circulation, stimulate breast paper development, according to human engineering body design, ergonomic, streamline personal appearance.

Fourth: Physics of the principle of massage for breast augmentation, a unique breast disc and a combination of far-infrared material, breast tissue cells, activation of the female body's hormone activity, acceleration of blood circulation, breast milk, and standing in the body.

Remote control to control the device, degrees of vibration and temperature

Automatic shutdown after fifteen minutes

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