Goat milk soap

Goat milk soap

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Goat Milk Handmade Soap Oil Allergy Repair Shrink Pores Anti Acne Treatment Moisturizing Skin Whitening Soap Bath Hair Care 100g

Benefits of this Saop:

1, combats acne and pimples

2, anti-bacterial (bacteria and oil causes of pimples, acne, black and white clog pores)

3, healing and cell regeneration (anti-aging)

4, Relieves pigmentation and scars (scars on the body as well)

5, improves skin immunity (prevents penetration)

6, improves blood circulation - radiant skin, escapes skin color

7, Recharges and refreshes dull tired skin

8, suitable for face and body (for all skin types)

9, Reduces hair loss when used as a shampoo

10, Eliminates genital odor

11, can be used as a healthy and vibrant gum toothpaste

12, relieves freckles

13, relaxes the muscles of the face and neck

14, Cleans nail discoloration

15, lightens the darkness under the eye circles and drooping eyelids

how to use:

The first step: water will be wet body

Step Two: Take the right amount of palm or pigeons then until you apply the whole body

Step 3: Rub the abundance of foam and massage gently

Step four: clean with water can be

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