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Bamboo charcoal soap

4.95$ 5.50$

Effective soap with essential oils.Rich foamNourish the skinCleansing and moisturizingcleansingPossesses good absorbent properties. Cleans the skin from impurities, leaving the skin clean and refreshing, and improves skin tone.Skin surfaceIt balances the metabolism of hydrogen and fat in the skin, and makes the skin look healthy and shiny.Dry Skin ..


Goat milk soap

4.00$ 5.38$

Goat Milk Handmade Soap Oil Allergy Repair Shrink Pores Anti Acne Treatment Moisturizing Skin Whitening Soap Bath Hair Care 100gBenefits of this Saop:1, combats acne and pimples2, anti-bacterial (bacteria and oil causes of pimples, acne, black and white clog pores)3, healing and cell regeneration (anti-aging)4, Relieves pigmentation and scars (scar..

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