Xiaomi Mi Smart Weight

Xiaomi Mi Smart Weight

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High precision sensor
Accurately perceive physical changes every day
The Xiaomi scale 2 uses high-precision manganese steel sensor, which can accurately sense the change from subtle to 50g
Every cup of water you eat and drink can be easily quantified, and three units of kilograms, kilograms and pounds are provided
Choose to effectively help you fine-tune your weight data
High precision manganese steel sensor performance upgrades to 50g

Easy to integrate into the home environment
Regardless of the use or appearance, the Xiaomi scale 2 is a simple but full of experience. Its crystal clear, smooth and delicate texture can be incorporated into any home style without feeling. Hidden LED screen, the display is clear and brings an integrated look and feel. Warm white tempered glass, multiple screen printing
The 20 processes are finely crafted and sturdy. Rounded corners, CNC precision processing, Smooth and delicate, reducing
bump damage

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